‘Mouldmaking and Casting’ will produce the highest quality moulds in a variety of different materials to suit your project.

From an ‘original’ (in virtually any material) provided by you, we will create a mould to produce a casting. Moulds can be produced in flexible rubbers or multiple piece rigid materials depending on project specifications. However complicated an original, a mould can be made to produce one or multiple castings. We can also create moulds of originals in situ (architectural restoration and installation / large sculpture pieces). Whatever the project we will find an appropriate moulding solution suitable and sympathetic to it.

Mouldmaking services

  • Plaster
  • Rigid one and multiple piece and waste single use.
  • Silicone rubber
  • Flexible one and multiple piece (high multiple cast run).
  • Vinyl rubber
  • Flexible one and multiple piece (budget, limited cast run).
  • Fibre glass
  • Semi rigid large scale one and multiple piece (very durable).
  • Jesmonite   As above.
  • Clay slip
  • Porouse plaster one and multiple piece Food safe
  • Catering standard food safe flexible one and multiple piece.
  • Body and Life   Hypoalergenic


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