‘Mouldmaking and Casting’ can provide a full casting and finishing service in a wide range of different casting materials. Whether one off originals or multiple run castings ’Mouldmaking and Casting’ provide high specification casting materials, attention to detail and high levels of finishing that ensure the highest quality castings.

From traditional casting plasters and clays to high specification cold cast metals and resin castings and many other materials ’Mouldmaking and Casting’ aim to offer a complete and professional casting service.

Casting services

  • Casting plasters A range of high specification casting plasters from soft and carvable to exceptionally hard. Can be coloured and integrally treated for weather resistance.
  • Cold cast metals A range cold cast metals – Bronze, Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Iron and Stainless steel. Weather resistant.
  • Stone casting A range of cast stone – Marble, Portland stone, Granite, Slate, Sandstone and Glass chips. Polyester resin and fibre glass Can be coloured and polished.
  • Hollow castings of exceptional strength can be produced if size and weight are an issue. Jesmonite resin As above. Clear polyester resin Water clear or pigmented translucent castings.
  • Ciment Fondu Sculpture cement – Traditional Portland (grey / green) or Secar (off white). Can be cast hollow.
  • Wax A range of waxes that can be cast hollow or solid – Microcrystaline, Paraffin (candle wax) and Green (for lost wax Bronze casting production)
  • Clay Pressed green clays or liquid slip clays.
  • Silicone rubber Integrally coloured or semi-translucent.
  • Food and Ice Settable food stuffs and ice.

We also carry a range of ’Antiquarian’ and other stock castings.


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