Mouldmaking and Casting

A comprehensive course during which students will learn a number of mould making and casting processes, from the fundamental principles to the more advanced techniques and processes. From a starting point making a clay original (no experience required!) students will produce a one-piece flexible rubber mould, take castings from it and learn the principles to produce a multi-piece mould. Students will then go on to produce a range of different moulds and castings over the duration of the course and encouraged to work creatively, technically and safely.

Processes covered include :

  • Flexible rubber moulding
  • Jesmonite acrylic or Polyester resin castings (cold-cast metals, stones, and pigmented).
  • Clay press moulds (from the surrounding environment).
  • Plaster multi-piece mould (from fruit).
  • Plaster casting and finishing (hollow and solid).
  • Wax casting.
  • Life moulds from the body.

Advanced Mouldmaking and Casting

An advanced mouldmaking and casting course of techniques and materials.

This course would be suitable for students graduating from the Mouldmaking and Casting course or for students with some existing experience of the subject wishing to advance there skills. The course will cover some modern high-spec and some traditional materials and techniques.

Processes covered include –

  • Two-piece Silicone rubber moulding (clay bed and plastishim).
  • Multiple-piece Jesmonite/Polyester GRP resin casting.
  • Mutiple-piece Alpha plaster and glass fibre casting.
  • Two-piece Alginate life moulding.
  • Life moulding Silicone rubber.
  • Life casting Silicone.